Your own fake PopUp

Your own fake PopUpThere are a lot of ‘fake popup’ phone numbers in circulation but not many with working URLs.
So why not use your own popup?
All you have to do is changing the phone number to the one you want to call.

To change the phonenumber in the popup:

  • Extract the to a place you will remember.
  • Open index.html with a texteditor.
  • In line 10 you will find: var phone_number = ‘+1-111-222-3333’;
  • Change the number to the number you want to call.
  • Save the file.
  • Open the file with a browser.
  • Put a fake http address in the address bar (don’t press enter!)
  • Call scammer.
  • Prank those criminals and have fun!

Download FakePopUp



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