upNotepadupNotepad replaces the good old Notepad.exe.
Most technical support scammers will use Notepad to describe their ‘services’, aso.
upNotepad has some neat features which make their life like hell.

Features :

  • distorts typing
  • replaces words
  • replaces numbers
  • reversed text
  • disable saving/loading files
  • Live Hotkeys for triggering some features: increase/decrease numbers, replace words, random numbers, reversed text,

How to install?

Before we start:

  • Install this program only on a virtual machines!
  • You MUST HAVE owner rights for deleting or renaming msinfo32.exe in windows/system32. See also Tip 1 below.



  • STEP 1: run upNotepad_Setup.exe
  • STEP 2: in C:/windows/  and  C:/windows/system32/  rename notepad.exe to p.e. BAKnotepad.exe or delete them
  • STEP 3:
    • for Win 32bit systems: skip and goto STEP 4
    • for Win 64bit systems:
      • open C:/windows/sysWOW64
      • copy  notepad.exe to c:/windows/system32 and C:/windows/
  • STEP 4: in C:/windows/  and  C:/windows/system32/  rename upnotepad.exe to notepad.exe
  • STEP 5: run the ‘new’ notepad.exe
  • STEP 6: press CTRL + ALT + Q to open the settings  for tweaking upNotepad

Download upNotepad V1.0


TIP 1: TakeOwnershipEx is a free tool that allows you to get full access to files and folders

TIP 2: Remove the uninstall info in the registery


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