Stealth Tip: change the date of installed software

Stealth Tip: change the date of installed softwareUsually scammers look in the Control Panel to see which software is installed. It is very suspicious if all the software has the same installation date or has a very fresh date. To change the installation date follow the next steps:

  • hold <Windowskey> + <R>
  • type regedit and hit <ENTER>
  • locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall
  • in the left pane click on the key (most times the program name)
  • in the right pane double click on InstallDate
  • change the date (format 11112233 -> 1=year, 2=month, 3=day)
  • if there is no InstallDate you can create it by yourself:
    • right click in the right pane on empty space
    • choose New > String Value
    • call it InstallDate
    • double click on the new string called InstallDate
    • enter the date in the format as shown above
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